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Dickinson Diamonds Booster Club

January Jubilee

Contest Checklist January Jubilee January 14, 2012

Team Jazz

• Costume: Blue top/ Black velour pant/ black socks/ black jazz shoes/ Gloves and Hat

• Hair: In low ponytail, parted on left, slicked back

• Make-up: Darker eyes, mascara, RED lipstick (no pink or gloss)

Team Modern

• Costume: Sliver and Black top/ Black leotard/ Black hot shorts/ Bodytights/ Barefeet

• Hair: Low ponytail, parted on left and slicked back

• Make-up: DARK!!! Streaky blush, super dark eyes, dark red or maroon lipstick

Radiance Jazz

• Costume:

• Hair:

• Make-up:

Radiance Lyrical

• Costume: Black tunic/ black hot short/ bodytights/ paws

• Hair: Low ponytail, parted on left and slicked back

• Make-up: Dark, but softer than Modern, Red Lipstick

Officer Lyrical

• Costume: Secrets top/ black hot shorts/ bodytights and paws

• Hair: Low ponytail, parted on left and slicked back

• Make-up: Same as Rad Lyrical


• Costume: on own nerds with Team Jazz top under/ hot shorts/ glasses/ hats/ etc

• Hair: Hidden under hats or in bun?

• Make-up: Same as Team Jazz

NO costumes will be issued out. We will take costumes to FHS and issue out there. After performance, you are to go to the dressing room and turn in your costumes to a Team Mom immediately.

What to wear: Team Baseball shirt, warm-up pants, warm-up jacket, shoes of your choice

What to bring: Tote bag with all make-up, undergarments, shoes, hair products, etc, money for concessions and contest shirts (approx. $30 total)

Where to meet: At 8:45AM, meet Mrs. Mills in the front hall of FHS near the registration table. We will walk to our dressing rooms together.

Expectations: You are expected to watch all Diamond performances in the gym, including Solos. You are to conduct yourself as a lady at all times, and show good sportsmanship at all times by cheering for every team that performs, just a little louder for our Diamonds

Admissions: All spectators will need to pay an $8 admission fee upon arrival. Any exceptions for children will be noted at admission desk.

Schedule of performances:

• Military Officer lyrical 10:45AM Boys gym

• Radiance Jazz 11:45 Boys Gym

• Team Modern 1:00 Boys Gym

• Ali Deem 2:16 Solo Gym

• Stephanie McSheehy 2:20 Solo Gym

• Jona Cordero 2:24 Solo Gym

• Alejandra Hernandez 2:28 Solo Gym

• Alexis Hernandez 2:32 Solo Gym

• Melanie Bagwell 2:36 Solo Gym

• Alaina Hughes 2:40 Solo Gym

• Radiance Lyrical 4:05 Boys gym

• Team Jazz 6:00 Boys gym

• McAdams Royals Lyrical 7:15 Boys gym

• McAdams Royals Kick 8:20 Boys gym

• Awards will begin at 8:45PM

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