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Dickinson Diamonds Booster Club

Homecoming Dance and Concession Volunteers

Please sign up to help with the Homecoming Dance on October 3 and to work Concessions at the Football game on Thursday, November 5. These are both GREAT fundraisers for the Diamonds.

We HAVE to have 12 volunteers for Concessions.

And as many as possible for the Homecoming dance. WE LOVE HAVING DADS AT THE HOMECOMING DANCE ;)

To volunteer please email Lisa Cook-Douglas at LDouglas@dickinsonisd.org you can also sign up at the Booster Meeting Tuesday, 9/15/09.

Thank you EVERYONE!!!

Saturday's (9/12/09) Car Wash to be Rescheduled

Due to an 80% chance of Rain - Tomorrow's Car Wash is being rescheduled.

Checklist - DHS vs. Bay City 9-11-09


Meet in the Dance room by 4:30PM, dressed in uniform, hat in the bag! Inspection will be promptly at 4:35PM, so don’t be late!!!
Luv ya-
Mrs. Mills and Mrs. Hill ;)

• Hat
• Boots- clean your boots! White shoe polish works!
• BODY TIGHTS- no holes…. No pantyhose!
• Gauntlets

• Down and pretty
• No Bangs

• RED Lipstick
• Mascara or Fake Eyelashes

• No Nail Polish
• Clear or white tips only

Ears- (optional)
• Only Diamond studs
• No dangles
• No Color

Bag Checklist-
• Poms- Inpesction Item
• Hand Towel- Inspection Item
• Feminine products
• Personal medicine
• White trash bag for hat incase it rains- Inspection Item
• Baggie for gauntlets- Inspection Item
• PONCHO!! – Inpection item
o I don’t care what color it is, just get a poncho for this game incase it rains! Go to Academy or Wal-Mart and pick one up. They are cheap!

Chaperones-This Week's Game-9/11/09 @ Bay City

Bus Chaperones – Please report to the school on Friday, no later than 4:30 pm.

Dawn Griego – Jr/Sr Bus
Carol Boyd-Collins – Jr/Sr Bus
Jennifer Koester – Jr/Sr Bus
Julie Johnson – New New Bus
Joel Johnson – New New Bus
Shellie Vaughan – New New Bus
Cynthia Meyers
Russell Meyers

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Diamonds Car Wash Money DUE TODAY - 9/8/09

Every Diamond has to pre-sell 10 car wash tickets. The money has to be turned into Mrs. Mills or Mrs. Hill, by Tuesday, 9/8/09.

Car Wash at Amegy Bank - Saturday - 9/12/09

Each Diamond will need to volunteer to bring something to the Car Wash. They will have a sign up sheet this week.

Car Wash THIS Saturday, 9/12/09

Don't FORGET!!!

Amegy Bank - Mrs. Mills/Mrs. Hill will let the Diamonds know what time to report.

Make sure to use sunscreen.

Mrs. Vaughan is bringing a canopy for shade.

Spirit Ribbon Sales

We are currently selling the Spirit Ribbons at the High School on Thursdays and Fridays. Every week is a different ribbon. We also have the big Homecoming Ribbon, that lists the Rosters for the Diamonds, Varisty Football and Cheer.

Each Diamond needs to buy one ribbon a week, they will get a merit for each ribbon they buy. Ribbons are $1.00 each, Buttons $1.00 each, the Homecoming Ribbons are $5.00 each.

Wadene West is the Spirit Ribbon Chairperson - she will handle cooridinating Ribbon Sales. We do need one volunteer each day to help Wadene. If you would like to volunteer please email Lisa Douglas.