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We hope this becomes a great means of communication for the Directors, the Booster Club, the Diamonds and their parents.

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Dickinson Diamonds Booster Club

Summer News

What a great week at Crowdpleasers Camp in Houston for the MILTOS and SOCOS! The next thing on the agenda for Diamonds is Boot Camp for the entire team beginning July 25th at 8:00 am.  Please notice the Important Diamond Dates on the right panel of this blog. We will do our best to keep you updated with the latest information. The next booster club meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 9th and we encourage all of our parents to join the booster club this year and help our Diamonds shine!  If you need a booster club form, you will find an updated copy in the Forms Section to the right of the page as well. There are some wonderful ways for parents to get involved with Diamonds this year. There are four ways to stay in touch with the latest news:
#1 - Word of Mouth - Diamonds communicate with your parents, grandparents and other adults in your life!
#2 - Diamond  blog - Once Boot Camp begins, try to check back on a weekly basis for the latest updates.
#3 - Email - If you have not been receiving news from diamondsecretary@gmail.com, please send Anita a note and she will add you to the distribution list.
#4 - Facebook - This is  used mostly as a "fan page" so feel free to encourage the Diamonds (yes, they look at the page frequently) and comment on upcoming events and dance issues. Remember to use this page as a means of affirmation and encouragement to your Diamond and to all the Diamonds in general!

Thanks for all you do for your Diamond!
Let's make this year the best ever!