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Dickinson Diamonds Booster Club

Homecoming Week

The Dickinson Gators take on Alvin this Friday for our Homecoming game!  The Diamonds have been busy all week preparing for the weekend.  Great job to all the Diamonds and Bling/PomCo at the parade last night! Thanks to all the fans who came out to support our Dickinson Diamonds!

Homecoming chaperones for the Friday night game include Vickie Montemayor, Millie Martinez, Johanna Torres and Anita Hughes.  Our security dads are Anthony Wickware, John Thorn, Ruben Maldonado and Ricky Lundstrom. Jozette Green is our snack coordinator for this week.

Homecoming Dance details for Saturday, Oct 15th include decoration time at 10 am for the Dance Cmt, Socials and any Diamond who wants to earn merits for helping out. Some dads are needed at 10:00 to help unload the heavy columns. The girls need to sell all their tickets or pay fair-share in the amt of $50 and must attend 2 hours of the Homecoming Dance. The Diamond New-News will be responsible for clean-up beginning at 10:30 pm. 

All volunteers need to be at the school by 5:30 pm. The dance is scheduled for 7-11 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact diamondsecretary@gmail.com or lowball98@aol.com