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Dickinson Diamonds Booster Club

Join the DIckinson Diamonds Booster Club

We will be accepting applications through our next Booster Meeting on September 15, 2009.

Remember, if you want to have a vote on how the Booster Club is run, you have to be a paid member in good standing.

$20.00 for new members or if you are a previous member that needs to rejoin and get another window decal.

$10.00 for previous members that do not need a window decal.

Dobie Game Chaperones/Volunteers

Ribbon Sales during lunch 9/3
Wadene West - Ribbon Sales Chairperson
Nicole Brindamour

Ribbon Sales during lunch 9/4
Wadene West
Nachol Rigsby

Ribbon Sales - at the Game - 9/4
Wadene West
Monica Eaddy
Lisa Cook Douglas

Chaperones at the Game - 9/4
Dawn Griego
Carol Boyd-Collins
Karen Perkins
Mrs. Johnson
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Meyers
Mrs. Meyers
Shelly Vaughan
Ana Maldanado

If you can get there by 6:30 that would be great. I will be there around 6:15 pm. We need two tables for ribbon sale, they can be card tables.

Ribbon Sales during the game usually go until about 15 - 20 minutes into the first quarter, unless there are quite a few of this weeks' ribbons left. We need to sell as many as possible.

Rope the Longhorn Ribbon - $1.00
Button - $1.00
Homecoming Ribbon - $5.00

Please email or call me if you have any questions. My cell is 832-226-6645

Thank you all for your help!

Have a Great Day!